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School Fundraising Opportunities


We offer a fundraising opportunity that requires little effort by you!

The best part about a fundraiser with Bellaís Bouncies Skate On Grand, is that you can earn up to 50% of the admission fees for your school.


We are a local family owned business that provides a clean and safe environment for families all year round. With many years in the party and party rental business, we provide the best experience for all!

Roller skating is not only fun, but an excellent source of exercise!

We keep it simple for your group.


You pick a 2 hour time slot, anytime Monday or Thursday, or on a Sunday afternoon or evening (other times might be available, please call to discuss).

We provide a handout for your students to help communicate the event.

A time slot is privately reserved for your students and their families only.


A minimum of 50, with up to 200+ possible attendees.


Program Information:

2 hours of open skate for the students and their families

$8.00 admission per person, which includes standard skate rental.

Paid Customers 

Percent back to School 







For Example:

  • 50 paid customers X $8.00 @ 25% = $100 back to your school.

  • 75 paid customers X $8.00 @ 35% = $210 back to your school.

  • 100 paid customers X $8.00 @ 50% = $400 back to your school.

Want to charge more? i.e. charge $10 per person, we will give you 100% of the extra $2 plus the percentage above.

The more participants that come, the more you get back!

Itís that easy! Call today to book your event. 847-546-7000. Call soon to book your prime date and time!

No outside food or drinks permitted. Personal skates or roller blades allowed only upon approval of Bellaís Bouncies Skate On Grand staff.




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